• Innovative Grip Design
  • Industry Leading Strength-to-Weight Ratio
  • Unique Scoop Design
  • Product Weight: 1.4 lbs
  • 17" x 19" Hoop dimensions
  • 30" Handle length
Types of Fishing I Enjoy:
 Crappie  Steelhead  Salmon
 Bass  Muskee  Trout
 Catfish  Walleye 
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We never stop working to stack the odds of a successful day on the water in your favor. Whether catching live baitfish for a targeted game fish species or landing the next trophy, EGO fishing gear is designed to meet the most demanding sport fishing situations. The EGO landing net series1, Wade nets, Reach nets, EGO Trout fly fishing nets, EGO CAST nets, throw nets and live bait nets deliver maximum performance at an exceptional value.

Go aheadóchase the big one. Weíll make you look like a Pro with well-chosen fishing equipment.

A 2-Year Limited Warranty backs all EGO landing nets from manufacturers defects. Additionally, all EGO fishing gear comes standard with a 30-Day Money Back 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Why Every Savvy Angler Needs An EGO!

When the Tournament winning fish is at the end of
the line, your last worry should be about your landing net. That's why we use EGOs. EGO Nets are light, durable and precisely engineered which allows my teammates to get set and under the fish with efficiency and accuracy. We won't leave the dock without an EGO!

Jason Dudley
2008 Flatsmaters Team of the Year

Generally speaking, an angler looking for a net defines functionality in one sentence..."Looks like a net to me".
He is neither right nor wrong, simply misinformed. EGO fishing nets have been intelligently engineered around the needs of the angler and the EGO brand has dispelled the myth that a "net is just a net"...it's a tool.

Ron Peterson
National School of Fishing